YAD 2017 Highlights

Wow! what a wonderful day! From the fun and whimsical to well-honed craft to profound statements, YADists came through with flying colors. If you didn’t get a chance to see head out and tour today .. or want to relive it, here are just a few of the highlights. Of course, it’s always best to see Yard Art in person. We hope you are making plans to to exhibit, perform, or tour (or all three!) on Yard Art Day – September 3, 2018!

Video Highlights

You Make Dance!

Once again Audrey Baran put on her dancing sneakers to entertain Yard Art Day crowds. This year enlisting the help of Mindy Rawlinson. In a Yard Art Day dance tradition, members of the audience wrote suggestions on a piece of paper to which the dancers would interpret. In this piece, the instruction was simply .. Fall.


Yard Art Day organizer Deborah Triplett did some extra organizing this year by gathering a team of 50 women to make a strong social statement – inspired by the book, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Weaving Our Prayers Together

The parishioners of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church weaved their personal prayers along the fence of the courtyard. The act of writing a prayer, adding it to someone else’s, and then weaving that into the fabric of a collective story was their way of sharing love for one another and sharing in the prayers of their congregation and our community.

See you next Yard Art Day
September 3, 2018!