Participation Details & Requirements


How This Works

You must create the art yourself (or your kids) and it should be able to be seen from the street whether by walking, driving or biking. Don’t have a yard? No problem. Display your art on a balcony, in a window, on top of your car or in a friend’s yard. Really, anywhere that can be seen from the street.

The art can be anything creative – any medium: painting, photography, dancing, play a fiddle, hoola hooping… whatever your little heart desires. It can be as simple as a yard full of balloons or as complicated as a well-crafted piece of sculpture.

If you are doing a performance (dance, spoken word, music, etc.) and have only a certain time or number of hours you are going to perform, please put this information on your Yard Art Day Application under “Description of Work”

DATE/HOURS: Every Labor Day – 24 hours, midnight to midnight. You are expected to keep your art on full display, at the very least, during daylight hours. (Although there is something to be said about Yard Art Day by night).

NO SELLING: Yard Art Day is intended to be a celebration of creativity, not a retail opportunity. If you are a fine artist or craft artisan, Yard Art Day can be a great way to publicize your talent, and having business cards or flyers to accompany your YAD exhibit is perfectly acceptable. However, selling your artwork or crafts at your Yard Art Day exhibit is forbidden.

All participants will be on the YAD Map, but you must fill out the application form so we have your details.

BUSINESSES are highly encouraged to participate, however, the business owner/CEO must either create their yard art with their staff OR commission a LOCAL artist to do the yard art. GARDENS are welcome as well, but the art must seen from the street and be created by the “gardener”. SCHOOLS and CHURCHES are certainly encouraged to participate, however, the work must be created by students, teachers, parishioners, clergy, and/or other staff.

YARD SIGNS. Once you register, you will receive information on where to pick up your YAD sign.

QUESTIONS If you have any questions give us a shout.