105 days and counting!

Yard Art by Katie & Gary Rubin
Yard Art by Katie & Gary Rubin

We are gearing up early this year for Yard Art Day 2016 (Labor Day, September 5). The new Yard Art Day signs should be ready for pick up in about two weeks. We’ll do a post here and on our Facebook page when and where you can come get your own. Reminder – signs are only for those participating.

In the meantime – I thought I would share some inspirational links so that you get those right sides of your brains working for this year. We do have a Pinterest page that you can peruse for ideas. Plus on this website you can see examples from 2013, 2014, and 2015 . Plus there are loads of examples on the official Yard Art Day Facebook Page as well as the Yard Art Day Facebook Community Group.

Art does not have to be painting or sculpture but can be something as simple as tying beautiful fabric around a tree OR it can be performance art (dance, music, reading poetry) – any sort of artistic expressions is welcome and at any level of expertise. If performances you would only need to list what time the performance would take place throughout the day on your YAD application form.

Businesses, communities, school gardens – anyone can participate. All we ask is that your art be seen from the street or sidewalk. If you don’t have a yard – put in a friend’s yard (with permission).

In regards to businesses participating – we do ask that either you as the business owner create art with your staff OR hire a local artist.

Be sure to sign up if you plan to participate so that we get you on the map.

Feel free to share this info with friends ANYWHERE. We might even have a few yardists this year in Key West. Right now I’m keen on having more neighborhoods around Charlotte participate. I know we have artistic minds all over our city. So let’s REPRESENT Charlotte and show off our artistic skills.

Let’s your inner kid out to play and create!

Deborah Triplett