YAD & ASC – Teammates!

Great news, YAD-ists! The Arts & Science Council has signed on as the sponsor for Yard Art Day this year. We could not be more excited! This will help pay for the signs plus some other expenses. This helps keep this event free and open to all.

THANK YOU ASC for this amazing gift.

Also some of you may need some inspiration for yard art. Reminder it can be as simple as you wish or as complex as you choose. It can be whimsical, political, serious and any medium: dance, performance art, painting, sculpture, hula hooping, music, painting, photography – whatever your little heart desires and creates. Look around our website here – or check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages for ideas.

asc-clotheslineHere are two photos of my own yard art I did two years ago. It was a clothesline with images of my mother and grandmother and articles of clothing that they wore that reminded me of treasured memories of them.

I fondly remember as a small child standing and helping either of them to hang clothes on a clothesline.

Lastly – don’t forget to submit the 2016 YAD Application to get yourselves on the YAD map and to receive a sign.

We’ll be posting later on sign pick-up spots.

Let your inner artist out to play on Yard Art Day, Labor Day, September 5.

Deborah Triplett