YAD 2016 is Underway!

We’re gearing up early this year for Yard Art Day 2016 (Labor Day – Monday, September 5). And I have some exciting news.

We got a sponsor!

I’ll announce later on who it is, but it’s a terrific incentive to “kick butt” this year and get even more city wide neighbors and yards involved.

It was always one of my goals to get all neighborhoods and neighbors connected through Yard Art Day. Art should be democratic and open to all to view as well as create on any level with any artistic medium. So I’m hoping this year to see it spread and connect us. Wishing to see all levels and kinds of art.

yad2016-kickoff-roosterYou can do anything from simply banding a tree with fabric to hula hooping. Hang art from tree limbs, recite poetry in your front yard, create a sculpture, make a paper flower field, do a performance art piece, have your dance troupe or band perform. Let your creative mind know no boundaries. As the song says “Free your mind and the rest will follow”. Check out past Yard Art Day art on our website or our Facebook or Pinterest pages for ideas. Google works well too.

Also – new signs this year. We’ll try our best to have several “pick-up” spots for you. Reminder: you only get a sign if you are creating yard art. The signs help designate who is participating and help you easily spot yards with art.

Just fill out the 2016 YAD Application as best you can at this point so we can begin to know how many will be involved and to begin the YAD map. It’s here at the top of the page.

Only a couple of rules as I’m an anti-rule kind of gal:

  1. The art must be seen from the street or sidewalk.
  2. The art must be created by you. The only exception is that businesses may either do with their staff/employees OR hire a local artist.

Help keep this FREE event live. Open to all – residences and businesses. Spread the word. Share the pages and posts. And donations help too. Extra sponsors welcome.

Let’s make 2016 the best Yard Art Day ever. Let’s put another crown jewel in Queen Charlotte’s crown for being one of the best art festivals that exists.

We can do this with your participation.

Deborah Triplett