Yard Dances + Sinners & Saints – Thoughtful and Fun

One of the highlights of Yard Art Day 2015 with a the Dance Performance and party hosted by Audrey Baran.

This year, there were three performances followed by an all-out dance party, where folks got their groove on to the music of Sinners + Saints.

First up was a moving performance by Camerin Watson who used the day as part of her series commemorating the recent Charleston tragedy. The narrative and dance was riveting and inspiring.

“Today’s performance of my solo ‘wake: to become roused from a tranquil or inactive state’ is dedicated to Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, one of the nine victims of the Charleston shooting,” she explained. “Sharonda was a track and field star in her youth so I thought this out door performance fit her best.”

Camerin was followed by host Audrey Baran who presented a “work in progress” – both whimsical and provoking.

“‘Buttercream’ is a solo exploring the stereotypes of women’s roles in the home and society,” Audrey said. “Expectations of inferiority and servitude are instilled from a young age and often fostered into adolescence and early adulthood through princess role models and body image pressure. “Buttercream” looks into the detrimental effects of this pattern and through this piece, I hope to shape and support new, empowered alternatives to the female role, from girls to grannies.”

Wrapping up was a game of Dance Libs – where the spectators pulled dance styles, emotions, and other descriptions out of a bowl .. and shouted them out for Audrey, Camerin, and others pulled from the crowd to improvise.

Good times!