A Family Affair


yadtalk-jaimekent-4Yard Art Day was so exciting for our family to work on. I really felt it was a great opportunity to engage my children in free-spirited art without expectation. My professional and personal career has roots in both textile and graphic art. So we decided to do a combination of those.

We also live in NoDa, so the textile aspect just made sense. We worked on a quilt-style piece that we sewed together and wove into the balconies of our condo. My children picked out all of the fabrics and helped with the patterning and installation. We added some bold graphic images on paper once the weaving was in place.

yadtalk-jaimekent-3We also created two large-scale collages that we hung in our windows, up high, above the balconies. These mixed media pieces were created on cotton duck fabric.

The only general guideline we followed was to stick with the theme that we established for each creative piece. The first canvas was LOVE and the second was ART.

We freely added marker, fabric, tape and stitching to each canvas and let the art emerge in an organic way.

yadtalk-jaimekent-2It was such a pleasure to share this experience with my children. My daughter, Holland, was especially engaged in the process. It was particularly fun because this is what we do at home all the time.

We have rolls and rolls of craft paper that we draw and color on. We are constantly creating. So it was exciting for the kids and I to create something with purpose, for display, and to share our art with our community.

We have started a family tradition! We are all now officially YAD “Yardists” and look forward to our next installation.

– J’aime M. Kent