YAD Rekindles Dream

These words from an email received from a “yardist” this morning keep my energy & spirits high for YAD. Thank you Melissa Mauro Hineman for telling me this.

“Love the idea and how this community outreach has inspired me on a personal level to get creative. I went to a high school in New York with a specialized art program and at one time thought of going to college for fine arts. My career took a different path (agency public relations) and most of my art has been somewhat limited to a few water color paintings whenever we are at Folly Beach, SC each year.

Just the other day after reading the Observer article on Yard Art Day, I signed up for an adult painting class which starts this Fall at a studio in Waxhaw (The Bean & Belle).

Now that I have kids of my own, I find so much enjoyment inspiring them to tap into their inner creative selves.

I hope the neighborhood kids enjoy the time we’ll have together getting their art on — I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!”