Yard Art Day 2014 – Epilogue


2014-epilogue2Yardists – I have a major YAD hangover. What a ride it has been. A tad bit of sadness yesterday on taking down my own yard art installation, especially after being on such a YAD high for the last several days with Monday being the pinnacle.

Some of my 2014 Yard Art Day observations:

  • Kids and adults alike enjoying the art of creation.
  • People on bikes, taking strolls, driving a little slower – savoring the art. All going into communities or neighborhoods they might not otherwise visit.
  • Neighbors talking to neighbors. Strangers smiling and talking to strangers. And all in front yards, on sidewalks – not on a smartphone.
  • Making new YAD friends as far away as Michigan and Massachusetts and renewing old art friendships in Colorado and other locations.
  • The diversity of art – from paintings to whimsical art, sculpture, garden art, photography, mosaics, belly dancing, modern dance, art on a boat, a lovely heartfelt installation done with shoes..some making social statements and all expressive.
  • And all those big smiles all day long.

2014-epilogue3A huge thank you to each and everyone of you. I swear I would hug each one of you if I could. You’ve brightened my own life with your enthusiasm, love of creativity and willingness to believe in this dream of mine. ART CONNECTS and knows no boundaries.

Being raised in an era as a small child with limited access to many tv stations – there was this one gospel show that came on and my 3 year old brain absorbed their theme song like a sponge. And to the day it lingers in my head “if everyone would light just one little candle what a bright world this would be”.