Yard Art Day 2014


Yard Art Day 2014 is almost here. Time to get your yard art on! 24 hours of creativity…from midnight to midnight  Sept 1st, Monday. FREE event for everyone of all ages and all levels of artistic expression. Dance, sing, hang a painting you did, wrap a tree with fabric, hula hoop, belly dance, do a photo display – whatever your “art heart”  desires. See past examples on this site. Or visit our Facebook page for ideas as well as Pinterest.

Be sure to email me and let me know your address so that I can put you on the YAD map plus make certain your get a yard sign. This sign helps people easily spot your yard art from the street. Signs – I will be making a post here as well as on social media letting you all know where to pick up your sign. If you are out of Charlotte or out of state – I can mail you a pdf of the sign for you to either get one made or make one yourself. Thank you all for your participation and support of this annual project.

-Deborah Triplett