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Dance Jam at Yard Art Day

Join yardists and yard art aficionados for some groovin and movin as we wrap up Yard Art Day with a Dance Party.

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Calling ALL dancers + dancers-at-heart… let’s get outside and MOVE! Every hour on the hour, we’ll learn a short, fun routine that EVERYONE can do, then have a full out dance party:)All ages and levels welcome!

Join us at 1904 Marguerite Ave for the wrap up party.

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Yard Art Day is a call out to artists of all types (painters, photographers, sculptures, musicians, performance artists) to show their art in their yards for Labor Day weekend. Let’s get outside, meet some new friends, and show Charlotte and the world we are much more than just a banking town!

Remember to share your work with us on our Facebook Page or #YardArtDay2013 on Twitter to join in on the conversation. You can also email your pictures to us as well by way of if you’re not feeling social.


Join in the conversation!

Hey yardists!

We’re so excited about this weekend and wanted to give you a quick rundown of how to participate or follow along in the conversation online.

If you’re a YAD participant, we encourage you to upload pictures to your social network and hashtag them with #YardArtDay2013 or #YAD2013 if you’re running short on space. Feel free to send us an email of your images as well at

Please tweet at us @YardArtDay or tag our Yard Art Day Facebook Page for your YAD posts as well so we can share them with the whole community.

Not making your own yard art? We want to hear what you think of the creations in your neighborhood so make sure to give them a shoutout!

Questions or comments? Click the “Hello” button above to send us message. Have a great weekend!


Here’s a photo of this years Yard Art Day sign – approved by my cat LaLa.

If you’ve filled out your participants application – just come grab a sign off my side porch located at 1908 Matheson Ave, Charlotte 28205. We will shortly have signs in other locations for distribution. But time is running out before the big Yard  Art Day weekend coming up. And would love to see these in yards soon.


Deborah Triplett

Creative Testimonial to Yard Art Day

A dear friend of YAD and a contributing artist last year and this year is Ilisa Millermoon. Her sculpted Goddess last year was exceptional. And this year she has topped herself and set the goal high for all of us.

Here’s a photo outtake from her Alice In Wonderland yard art PLUS a testimonial for YARD ART DAY.

“Why do I participate in Yard Art Day? At the age I three I was compelled to draw all over my bedroom walls. I immediately received a whooping, but that did not dampen my overwhelming desire to create!
Some of my fondest childhood memories are going to the dump with my grandmother. This was before people threw away food. We would find all kinds of treasures and refurbish them or make them into something completely unique.
I am an Intuitive Energy Artist. My chosen medium is acrylic ink and gouache on watercolor paper.
Yard Art Day gives me the opportunity to work with new mediums. I thoroughly enjoy the adventure.
My home and yard are my sanctuary, my little slice of heaven.
Seeing the sparkle in the eyes of my neighborhood children as we discuss art, fairies, and imagination is a joy!”

Love and Light,